Contents Cleaning CT

Atlantic Restoration & Remodeling Group LLC provides contents cleaning in CT.  If your home or business has suffered damages due to fire or smoke, water or wind, mold or mildew, or any other storm damages, our contents cleaning will give you peace of mind that your personal property is restored.  This services is available for both residential and commercial property damage claims and we work directly with your insurance adjuster throughout the cleaning process.

We begin by sending our team of cleaning technicians to pack up your personal belongings, both hard and soft goods.  We complete a detailed inventory of every item.  The soft goods are sent out for professional dry cleaning.  The packout is brought to our warehouse and sent to our contents cleaning station.  We meticulously clean each item that can be salvaged.  Items that cannot be adequately cleaned are documented for disposable.  We capture photos of these items and complete a separate inventory for your insurance company, so that you will be reimbursed for those items.  Once items are cleaned, we store them in our warehouse until your property is repaired, at which time, we return and unpack the items for you.