Mold Remediation CT

Atlantic Restoration & Remodeling Group LLC is a full service mold remediation company serving  Connecticut homeowners, commercial building owners, realtors, foreclosure and REO experts, and property managers.  Our professional team of mold mitigation experts will assess the damage to your property, dry the structure and remove all mold contaminants. Our cleaning technicians continually receive the latest training and are certified through the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).  Our certified team of professionals can also evacuate and clean your entire HVAC system, removing any dust mites, fungi, pollen, bacteria and other debris are found in furnaces, blowers and ductwork naturally.
mold_damage_wallOur rapid response time ensures the reduction of loss to personal property.  It is our goal to swiftly alleviate the mold and mildew to your property and restore the structure as quickly as possible.  We begin the process by determining the source of the mold.  If it is unclear if mold is present, it may be necessary to pre-screen by bringing in an industrial hygienist to conduct an air quality test to verify the presence of mold.  Once we identify the mold, we will contain the affected area and begin the demolition and/or cleaning process.  We use antimicrobial surface cleaners to remove the mold, then seal or spot-seal the mold affected areas with an antimicrobial sealant.  This process will continue to kill the mold and encapsulate the area.  We complete the process by repair any structural damage that may have occurred.

We work with insurance companies and insurance adjusters to quickly assess the damage to the property and develop a detailed scope of services to repair the property damage, efficiently and effectively.  We utilize Xactimate estimating software to determine the cost for repair and bill the insurance company directly.  We will provide assistance and guidance to our customers throughout the mold cleanup and remediation process.  It is important to note, that mold claims are approved only when the mold is a covered loss.IICRC Logo



24-Hour Emergency Service
Direct Billing to Insurance Companies
Duct Cleaning
Mildew Assessment & Removal
Mold Remediation
Structural Drying
Water Damage Restoration
All mold remediation services are done using hepa filtered negative air and the safe containment of the affected area.