Glastonbury CT

Atlantic Restoration & Remodeling Group LLC is the best choice for mold remediation services in Glastonbury, CT.  Our team of certified technicians are available 24/7 to respond to requests for mold damage removal for both residential and commercial properties.

Excessive mold growth, in a home or business, can cause harmful health effects, as well as spread quickly.

Atlantic Restoration begins by identifying the mold-affected area and the source of the excess moisture.  Next, the area is contained and HEPA filters are used to ventilate the area.  We use cutting-edge microbial cleaning solutions to remove the mold and sanitize the space.  At times, the entire HVAC system will need to be cleaned to ensure that mold spores do not filter through the duct system.

Once the mold removal and drying processes are complete, the area is re-tested to be sure all mold spores have been properly removed.

We work with insurance companies and adjusters to process the mold damage claim; we bill the insurance company directly.

Mold Remediation Glastonbury CT

Mold Remediation Glastonbury CT

Mold Remediation Services:
24-Hour Emergency Service
Direct Billing to Insurance Companies
Duct Cleaning
Mildew Assessment & Removal
Mold Remediation
Structural Drying
Water Damage Restoration
All mold remediation services are done using HEPA-filtered negative air and the safe containment of the affected area