Fire Suppression Systems

Atlantic Restoration & Remodeling Group installs and services commercial and industrial fire suppression systems throughout Connecticut. Whether you need a new fire suppression system installed or have an existing system in need of maintenance or repair, we can help!

Automatic fire sprinklers are shown to reduce property damage and injuries by 50 percent, but only when working properly. Improperly maintained systems can also cause problems, and we can clean up any water damage caused by a failing system. Regain peace of mind with an inspection today.


Inspections, Maintenance & Repairs

Fire suppression systems are complex and regular testing is needed to ensure they will operate as needed in the event of a fire. We offer regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs as needed.

Sprinkler Installation

We will custom-design a fire suppression system for your property. Systems can be installed in new construction or retrofitted in older buildings.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention prevents wastewater from flowing back into your clean water lines. This ensures the water that flows to your sprinklers is clean and uncontaminated.

Serving All of Connecticut

Ensure your fire suppression system is fully operational and ready to activate if a fire occurs in your property. Regular maintenance also protects against unwanted water damage due to a malfunction or leak.

Call us today to learn more about how we can help you with all your fire suppression system needs.

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