How to Avoid Pipe Bursts in the Summer in Your Hartford Home

We have all heard too many stories about (or even experienced firsthand) pipes erupting during the winter because of the freezing temperatures. And while it may be summer, it doesn’t mean you are out of danger. Pipe bursting in the summer can happen for a variety of reasons, that is why it is extremely crucial […]

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Cleanup Steps To Deal With Water Damage

Water damage often catches us when we are unaware and unprepared, leaving us wondering what we are supposed to do next. At Atlantic Restoration, we know how overwhelming water damage cleanup can be, which is why we are here to give you a list of steps you should take when dealing with water damage in […]

water damage cleanup hartford

How a Water Damage Cleanup Company Can Save Your Home

When there is water damage in your home, you’ll learn that the only way to make sure your home is returned to pre-loss condition is to hire a water damage cleanup company. But what are the advantages of hiring a professional water loss company? Water Damage Cleanup In Hartford How a Water Damage Company Can […]

water damage cleanup hartford

Most Common Reasons For Water Damage And Cleanup Help In Hartford

Without water, life would be impossible. However, with all its life-giving advantages, water could also be a very catastrophic natural force. Water damage has a wide range of effects on buildings. Your floor may deform if water seeps into parts of your home where it shouldn’t. Water damage can also stain nicely painted walls in […]

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Taking Away The Stress From Water Damage Restoration

Dealing with water damage in your New Haven home is full of unexpected problems. It is unfamiliar, stressful, and overwhelming when you find a water damage disaster in your home, and often leaves you wondering what to do next. It is normal to feel all these emotions when you need water damage restoration, but hopefully […]

water damage cleanup hartford

Plumbing Fixtures Likely to Cause Water Damage in Your Home

Plumbing fixtures that are leaking not only increase water bills and waste a lot of water, but can also cause major damage to your home. What may start as a small puddle of water could lead to significant water damage with time. Water damage can lift floorboards, peeling paint, and warp wood, all while seeping […]

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Can Your New Haven CT Home Require Water Damage Restoration From The Weather?

May is the rainiest month, but Connecticut gets some kind of precipitation about 120 days per year. Coastal storms or “northeasters” generate very strong winds, heavy rain and produce the greatest snowstorms in the winter. While they are the most serious weather hazard here, weather patterns are shifting. Infrequent tornadoes and hurricanes can also cause […]