Most Common Reasons For Water Damage And Cleanup Help In Hartford

water damage cleanup hartfordWithout water, life would be impossible. However, with all its life-giving advantages, water could also be a very catastrophic natural force. Water damage has a wide range of effects on buildings. Your floor may deform if water seeps into parts of your home where it shouldn’t. Water damage can also stain nicely painted walls in your home. All of that dampness can result in the growth of mold within the house. Worst yet, if water damage is not handled right away by water damage cleanup experts, it can eventually compromise a property’s foundation. The following are a few of the most prevalent causes of water damage.

Water Damage Cleanup in Hartford

Leaking Pipes

A leaky pipe inside the kitchen sink can cause serious damage to the cabinet below it. A burst pipe within the walls may make things much more difficult. The water damage from such a leak will be immense, as the whole wall would be soaked, and it would promote the growth of mildew and mold. Worse still will be leaky drainage pipes in the soil beneath your concrete foundation. You will very likely have to pay for costly repairs if this happens.

Blocked Drains

Drains in your bathtub, bathroom floor, and kitchen sink can clog for a variety of reasons. Toiletries, hair, oils, dirt, and many other foreign substances can clog drain pipes and prevent proper drainage. Clogged drains could quickly back up and create water damage and flooding inside your home if you do not deal with it immediately.

Sump Pump Failure

You can have a big flooding disaster in your basement should your sump pump stop functioning. Afterward, you will have to worry about mold, moisture, and bacteria. Always ensure that the sump pump is positioned upright to ensure optimal performance. Make sure the outflow pipe’s vent hole is clean. Your discharge pipes should always be tightly connected and drained at approximately seven feet away from your home. If you find the sump pump leaking, seek professional help right away.

Clogged Gutters

Some common culprits that can clog your gutters include foliage, grass, ice, and sludge. Because most people dislike cleaning home gutters, debris builds up and clogs the drainage. When your gutters clog, water accumulates in the clogged area, and the extra water overflows near the property’s structures, causing damage. This water may also pool in your basement, causing mold and mildew growth, and a bad odor.

Malfunctioning Air Conditioner

HVAC systems work by removing moisture from the air and condensing it in an overflow pan. The water is afterward sent outside via the condenser line using the overflow pan. If the overflow pan is broken or the condenser line clogs up, the drainage line of the air conditioning unit begins malfunctioning. This much water may soak through your ceiling, causing damage.

If you notice any signs of water damage, call the professionals at Atlantic Restoration right away. We will extract the water, dry your home, and perform any necessary repairs to return it to its original condition. We not only cleanup your property, but we also ensure the safety of you and your family. Give our experts a call if you need water damage restoration in Hartford.