How to Avoid Pipe Bursts in the Summer in Your Hartford Home have all heard too many stories about (or even experienced firsthand) pipes erupting during the winter because of the freezing temperatures. And while it may be summer, it doesn’t mean you are out of danger. Pipe bursting in the summer can happen for a variety of reasons, that is why it is extremely crucial to be prepared. Here’s all you need to know about just what causes the pipe to burst during the summer and also how to avoid any other source of water damage and cleanup issues.

Water Damage Cleanup in Hartford

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures, either cold or hot, increase the possibility that your pipes will burst. Lack of rainfall to cool the earth and extreme heat during the summer season can cause the land to dry out, making the soil looser. Pipes have much more space to shift within the ground as they expand due to the extreme heat. To avoid burst pipes during summertime, reduce the amount of water you use and use reduced pressure when turning on the faucets to help relieve your system.

Older Pipes

Your pipes might not even be affected by cold or heat, however, if they are old, rusted, and have gone through too much wear and tear, they are prone to bursting. Each and every year, have your pipes checked to make sure they can endure the water pressure.

Hard Water Corrodes Pipes

The type of water flowing through your pipes can have an impact on their integrity.  Hard water contains higher levels of calcium and magnesium than soft water. Both minerals can be fatal to the pipes in your house. When these minerals accumulate in the faucets and pipes, they can reduce water pressure. The accumulation can corrode your pipes over time, causing holes in the water flow.

How to Avoid Summer Pipe Bursts

Perform Regular Checkups

The best way to prevent burst pipes in the warmer months is to inspect them regularly. If you are unable to conduct regular inspections, conduct them every other year.

Turn Off The Water Supply While Traveling

When households flood in the summer, it is usually because the property owners have gone on vacation. Pipes are left unattended during this time, and small leaks go undetected for far too long. When the temperature is extremely hot, the pipelines can burst. When traveling, make sure to turn off the water supply or have a friend come by to check your pipes every few days.

Pipe Insulation For Summer

Insulating wraps or tape may also protect your pipes from the elements during the summer heat.  You might be able to do this on your own, but a skilled flood prevention expert can assist you.

Contact The Pros

There are several things you can do to protect your pipes during the summer months, and these suggestions are a good place to begin. Atlantic Restoration can assist you if you require immediate water damage repair and cleanup. Our goal is to put the house owner at ease while providing high-quality restoration and repair in a professional and timely manner. For water damage cleanup in Hartford, call Atlantic Restoration today.